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Proffesional era


This was the band I started after I got tired of Top Secret's pop style music. We recorded a demo and were offered a recording contract but the singer suddenly changed his mind.


It was in the end of the eighties when I got asked more frequently to play in the studio for various artists. Sometimes they asked me for a photo and sometimes I was asked to appear disguised

In 1982 or 1983 I got to know Zeno Roth and for some years we were meeting and talking about music.

In 1989 Zeno asked me to join his band for showcases to present their new singer Tommy Heart to several record companies. Shortly later Zeno decided to quit the band and to concentrate on songwriting.

The rest of the band wanted to go on and that was the birth of Fair Warning.

Zeno and me were sharing recording-equipment and so it came about that we were mixing and producing some of his songs together, which later lead to producing "Zenology".