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Biography in pictures: 1991


Fair Warning: a brief history

Fair Warning started in 1990, rising from the ashes of a band called Zeno.
We were very lucky with our first demo and got signed to WEA world wide immediately.
The first record was recorded in various studios in Germany and mixed in England in 1991. “Fair Warning” was released in 1992. The same year we toured Germany together with Giant and had our own tour in fall of 1992. In October 1992 "Fair Warning" was released very successfully in Japan. Success in Japan hit us unexpectedly. We were asked to tour in Japan in spring of 1993, which we did and during this tour we recorded a live album. " Live in Japan" was released as CD and video.
In may of 1993 we toured Switzerland, Austria and Germany together with Bonfire and Victory.

Having mixed the live album in fall we started recording "Rainmaker" at the end of 1993 and finished mixing in September 1994. For whatever reasons WEA decided to release "Rainmaker" by April of 1995.
To promote the new record we did an acoustic tour first. One of these acoustic shows was recorded and later on released as "Live at home".
We toured Germany together with Jimmy Barnes and Japan in summer of 1995. "Rainmaker" went gold in Japan by July of 1995.
In the beginning I said we were lucky being signed to a major record company. Well, we thought we were lucky. Unfortunately a world wide deal with a major record company doesn't mean you will be released worldwide. The only country where we were promoted properly was Japan. After facing ceasing support of WEA in Europe we decided to leave WEA.
New partners were found and new recording-contracts were made. We started recording the third album "Go!" in summer of 1996 and finished by January of 1997. "Go!" was released in early 1997 in Japan by Zero Cooperation and in spring of 1997 in Europe by BMG/Gun records.
By the end of 1996 drummer CC Behrens left the band and was replaced by Phillippe Candas.
In February of 1996 we did a promo tour and shot the video for "Angels of heaven". In June of 1996 we toured Germany as special guest of Saga. In July we toured Japan.
"Go!" went gold in Japan by July of 1997.