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Biography in pictures: 1991 - Page 2

Again we were asked by our Japanese record company to record a live album. We agreed reluctantly under the condition to release songs which didn't appear on the first live album only. Additionally we wanted to add some studio tracks to the album.
Just as we were about to record the new tracks, I had a car accident and broke both arms. Not the most perfect thing for a guitar player as you can imagine! It took about 5 month to recover and to get back my playing skills. Due to this accident we could finish recording and mixing only by may of 1997. "Live and more" was released in Japan in summer 1998 and in spring 2000 in Europe.
Again we toured Germany, this time with Blue Oyster Cult and Japan in summer.
Songwriting for "Four" started in September of 1998 and recording in summer of 1999. We finished mixing in winter of 1999. After shooting a video for "Heart on the run" we did a promo tour in February. On the date of release "Four" entered the Japanese charts on rank 2. "Four" was released in Japan in February 2000 by Marquee/Avalon in May 2000 in Europe and America in June 2000 by Frontiers records.
Andy Malecek left Fair Warning in April 2000.
In May 2000 we went on tour together with Status Quo followed by a tour of Japan in June 2000.
In August of 2000 singer Tommy Heart decided to leave Fair Warning.
What will happen to Fair Warning in the future - well, time will tell.

Forever we will change
Forever we will learn
As long as time turns
As long as love burns


Don't mind to rearrange
For you never can return
To these shores so save
From all stormy waves

Well, time did tell.