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Sunday, 14 November 2010 10:14


After Tommy had left Fair Warning in 2000 and Ule wanted to take a break from music, I kept on as usual. Came home from touring and started to write new songs. As usual. Only... oops, there was no band any longer. Along with this conclusion it dawned on me to better start something new.




First lineup (from left to right):

Torsten Luederwaldt - keyboards

Ole Hempelmann - bass

CC Behrens - drums

Helge Engelke - this and that

Olaf Senkbeil - vocals



Olaf and me on promo tour in Japan.



The first single "What you believe in" is released in Japan.



Dreamtide's debut album called "Here comes the flood" was released in 2001.



It entered the international Japanese charts at #8.

In the reader's poll of Burrn! magazine Dreamtide reached the following scores:


Brightest Hope: Champion

Songwriter: Champion

Tune: #3 ("What you believe in")

Album: #7

Pleasure: #7

Cover: #7

Guitarist: #7

Keyboarder: #19

Drummer: #22

Band: #29










2001 he

Promo photo for Dreamtide's "Here comes the flood".


dreamtide 2003

dreamtide 2008

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